22 apr 2020

Engelse versie van het werkboek - Coping Corona

How nice, we released our balloon (the workbook of course) up into the air, with our names on it, so you can send us a message back when you 'find' it; Practice InKleur (translated means InColour and we are in the Netherlands) and Elza van Hamburg (Child&Youth psychologist) who translated the original workbook into English. Let's see how far this balloon will go...

A month ago I developed a workbook to reach my clients who normally visit my practice in Gennep, the Netherlands. A workbook to reach every child, family, school or other practice to help each other out in these strange Corona times. The workbook became a large success in the Netherlands. Many (highly sensitive) children and families got some support out of it, to deal with all the different kind of emotions and to carry on having good conversations together.

I'm very grateful for the big success, the many thanks and nice reactions that came to me. It gave me more energy and new ideas than I could have expected before. In one of the reactions someone suggested to translate the book into English, so that it could reach many more children.... Well, that's a talent I asked my friend and colleague Elza van Hamburg to do. So nice to get together and find ideas how to stay close to the contents of the original workbook and translate in English at the same time. 

Just nice because it's possible, we will see how far this balloon will reach. However it is a nice experiment and hopefully the workbook will reach more youth out of the Netherlands, dealing with the same Corona crisis.

Love to read or hear your reactions.  

Finally, of course there is a new link to donate if you would like to. Thanks for all the donations up until now, and for your support!


You can upload the English version of the workbook (part 1) below. Upload, print, use and share!



Voor alle lieve mensen die tot nu toe een donatie, steun of lieve reactie hebben achtergelaten... ontzettend bedankt! Echt tof hoe er gereageerd is. Hierboven is er een nieuwe donatielink beschikbaar, ook omdat de vorige bijna verlopen is. Upload, print, gebruik en deel het werkboek in het Engels zoveel als je wilt. Benieuwd naar de reacties ook van buiten Nederland.


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